How to enable Prestashop DEV mode from file system (FTP)

Prestashop version:

This is about Prestashop ecommerce solution if you need debugging.

DEV mode shows errors that might occur in your shop. It is also recomended that php setting show errors. (File in root of the shop directory php.ini). Only Prestashop site admins are able to see errors when logged in into the shop.

display_errors = On

Open server files and go to:
replace false with true
define(’PS_MODE_DEV’, true);
Save file

I had this situation that I upgraded my Prestashop from to Of course I upgraded one version forward at the time. But one of these versions did something to my shop and I couldn’t log in as admin to my shop. This is where I wanted to see if DEV mode would help. But I couldn’t log in. So I found this file in server where you can manually turn DEV mode on or off.

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